Why New Zealand?

New Zealand’s education relationship with India is still relatively new, however New Zealand has quickly become a very popular study destination for Indian students. There are various reasons for this:

International Reputation:

New Zealand enjoys an international reputation as a provider of world-class education. The tertiary providers are innovative and provide programs that are recognized globally.


New Zealand is well connected to the world due to online communications and significant advances in international transport. New Zealand is highly responsive to the changing needs of global communities and international business.


New Zealand is free of constricting traditions as it has learned to be self-reliant and forge its own way. It has recently become the natural home for fresh ideas. The New Zealand education system encourages inventive thinking and teaching techniques reach far beyond the traditional rote learning. The innovative approach to learning is highly valued by world’s business leaders.


New Zealand’s education system is based on the prestigious British system. New Zealand offers world-class facilities, resources, and teaching staff. New Zealand’s school system is highly ranked by the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). New Zealand consistently ranks near the top across a range of student achievement indicators. New Zealand’s universities perform very highly on a global level. Many feature in international university rankings like the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 500 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.


The students enjoy a supportive learning environment in New Zealand. Owing to relatively small class size, teachers are able to give more personalized attention to the students. Students are treated as individuals and encouraged to think. New Zealand in fact was the first country to adopt a code of practice that’s sets out standards for the care f international students. The institutions hosting the international students have staff dedicated to ensure pleasant and successful stay of the students in New Zealand.


New Zealand, with its pristine natural environment of mountains, lakes, and coast is considered to be an ultimate destination for the adventure enthusiast. This country offers a great variety of recreational and cultural experiences. The students will surely enjoy Bungee Jumping and Zorbing. New Zealand is known as a safe, clean, and green country. New Zealand cities are lively and multicultural.

Tertiary Institutions:

Tertiary institutions provide flexible pathways between different levels of study, which gives students a variety of options to consider.


It offers a safe learning environment complementing excellent study opportunities. Also, there are support services for the international students. New Zealand offers complete safety in terms of racism and crime, and a good economic landscape to find permanent jobs.

Opportunities for students:

A plethora of opportunities is available to international students like: quality secondary school education; well established network of English language schools; and internationally respected and recognized tertiary education providers.


The enigmatic and modern society among the mountains, rivers, and coast will surprise you. As an international student, you will enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle and an affordable accommodation. New Zealand cities all contain a rich blend of nightlife, cafes, movies, and shopping.

Supportive experience:

New Zealand providers must be signatories to the Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This ensures a welcoming and supportive experience for students.

Reasonable cost:

The cost of studying in New Zealand compares favourably with destinations such as Australia, UK, USA and Ireland. Qualifications from recognized Indian Universities are accepted in New Zealand.

High Living Standards:

The students can be sure of high living standards in an advanced, English speaking country.

Least un-employment rate:

It speaks of the least unemployment in the developed world and is the least corrupt country in the world with almost negligible terrorist issues. It has a safe and politically stable environment.

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