East West Careers & Education Consultants Services in the field of education

Our organization’s aim is to find the right kind of educational opportunities and select an appropriate country for each individual student. We effectively discuss planning and perform our services to the highest professional service. Also continually examine and ascertain when serviced require further attention and development to ensure our service to our clients are of the highest standard. Ours services include:

Choosing the right course in the right university

We help you choose the destination, course and institution that match your personal circumstances such as academic, employment and financial background. While helping you make these choices we will also take into consideration your long term goals such as your career aspirations.

Complete information about foreign Universities & Colleges

We have a well equipped library containing prospectuses, CDs, Video Tapes, Brochures etc. of all the Universities/Colleges represented by us to help students in getting all the information about the institution(s) of their interest.

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